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Call Acid Stain USA in Houston today for any guidance you may need in successfully using our products. Acid Stain USA provides 1 on 1 training seminars for proper application of our products. It takes 1-2 hours and we cover EXACTLY what you are dealing with in your application situation, as well as the tools, products, material, and procedures you need to know.

Acid Stain USA carries the ChemCoat Industries line of reactive acid stains, solvent based dyes, excellent sealers, and Floor Finish. Reactive acid stain allows you to turn ordinary concrete into a work of art. These acid stain products will transform a drab, everyday surface into a beautiful and eye-catching surface. The reactive acid stain products can be used indoors and outdoors (blues and greens are not recommended for outdoor use), commercial and residential, new construction or remodel. Let acid stain from Acid Stain USA breathe new life into the concrete in your surroundings.

The color choices currently available from Acid Stain USA are displayed below. Acid Stain USA has these products in stock at our Houston location. The type, condition, and finish of the concrete will affect coverage. The low amount of residue makes neutralizing much easier and faster. With all these choices, your concrete can become a work of art in no time. Colors can be layered for effect. Borders, designs, and rooms will come to life!

Acid Stain USA provides our decorative concrete products to contractors and to DIY's working jobs of all sizes. We know you need quality products that you can get quickly and reliably no matter where you are. Acid Stain USA has a storefront in Houston, but will ship anywhere in the USA. Regardless where your next job is, our decorative concrete supplies will be available to you. Acid Stain USA will ship to your location or directly to the jobsite. Most items ship within 12 - 24 hrs.

Acid Stain USA can provide the technical consultation that will help you do it yourself CLICK HERE for a general staining guide for DIY’s or to brush up on the procedure.

Acid Stain USA acid stain and dyes take the mundane and make it extraordinary. Concrete may initially present a dull, unfinished appearance but with our stain products it can be an attractive addition to any setting. Check out our products (Made in the USA) and experience the amazing results that are only a step away.


Acid Stain: diluted 1:1 with water, 300-400 sf/gal (requires an acid rated sprayer for application)

Dye: diluted in 1 gal acetone (not included) 500-700 sf/gal (requires an acetone rated sprayer for application)

For Technical Data Sheet for Acid Stains, CLICK HERE.

For Technical Data Sheet for Cemdyes, CLICK HERE.
NOTE: This MSDS is for 1 color. All are close, but if you need a specific one, we can provide it. The MSDS you should be reading is Acetone.

For MSDS for Acid Stains, CLICK HERE.

For MSDS for Cemdyes, CLICK HERE.

Reactive Acid Stain Colors

Cemdyes Concrete Dyes

If you are in Houston and think your concrete could use a resurfacing or repair then you can count on Acid Stain USA to get the job done at a fair price.