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Concrete Sealers and Floor Maintenance Products

Acid Stain USA offers a selection of high quality concrete sealers and floor maintenance products from Chem-Coat Industries in Houston that provide many benefits for your decorative concrete project. Decorative concrete projects that are properly maintained will preserve their color richness and intense beauty for a lifetime. The products at Acid Stain USA are designed to do just that. The right clear concrete sealers will keep the "just finished" appearance of your stained concrete floors, stamped concrete/overlay, or even plain gray concrete, stone, or masonry.

Benefits of Concrete Sealer


An acrylic Concrete Sealer can be used for both interior and exterior concrete sealing applications without worry of ambering from the sun or “hot tire pickup”. It works as a hardener, curing agent, dust-proofer, and mildew and UV protector. Sealers protect your project from simple daily wear and tear and also from Mother Nature. They make clean-up a breeze. Driveways will be provided an added layer of protection from road salts, oil, and grease.

Another benefit of Concrete Sealer is it will help maintain the color consistency of any concrete surface. Acid Stain USA’s acrylic concrete sealers with high acrylic content will give your concrete surfaces a clean, attractive appearance that will take them from looking unfinished to looking artful and appealing.

Floor Maintenance Products

In addition to concrete sealers, your interior floors will benefit greatly from a Floor Finish. Floor Finish is a sacrificial floor coating that protects your sealer from scratches and scuffs, keeping your acid stained concrete floors looking brand new. Acid Stain USA ‘s Floor Finish will create a durable coat that is easily replenished without the smell and curing time of another coat of acrylic sealer. This allows you to keep your beautifully acid stained concrete floors flawless while preserving their inherent appeal.


Floor Finish

Floor Finish from Acid Stain USA is a high quality commercial grade floor maintenance product. Floor Finish can be used on top of acrylic and polyurethane sealers. It will give your concrete surfaces that "glass" finish that makes them so appealing

Applying Floor Finish is a wonderfully simple way to perform regular floor maintenance and to revitalize your concrete surfaces. It offers great protection and dries quickly following application. It allows you to keep your floors and other concrete surfaces looking like the day they were installed. After taking the time to make them beautiful, you should take the time to keep them beautiful. Read the TDS for CCI-5000 Floor Finish below for more information.

Concrete Sealers and other floor maintenance products from Acid Stain USA keep your concrete surfaces looking beautiful and new. Surfaces sustain wear and tear over time but you can use these products to prevent that abuse from showing and revitalize the colors in your project. Keep your concrete surfaces looking amazing with Concrete Sealers and other floor maintenance products from Acid Stain USA.

For the Technical Data Sheet for CCI-193 series concrete sealers CLICK HERE.

For the Technical Data Sheet for Floor Finish CLICK HERE.

For the MSDS for CCI-193 series concrete sealers CLICK HERE.

For the MSDS for Floor Finish CLICK HERE.

If you are in Houston and would like to improve your personal or business space you can count on Acid Stain USA for the materials and expertise to get the job done correctly!